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Currently we are updating

Currently we are updating
Having spent too much time watching make-over shows on TV we have decided really needed a make-over. They say the shoemaker's children are the last to have new shoes, well with us being so dedicated to our client's web sites first, we realised that our children needed new shoes so to speak, embarrassing YES we know.

For anyone visiting not familiar with Provida Web Site Design:
We are a full service web site design company committed to servicing the needs of real estate agents, for both their all important personal agent web sites through to their clients single property web sites.

Property Web Sites:
In 2009 we saw an explosion with agents offering their clients a unique advantage when listing properties. Propertywebsites are single property web sites which promote your client's individual homes. Don't let your competition get the upper hand in this arena, add this as part of your listing presentation and be sure to have us prepare and upload your client's property web site the same day or day-after your listing hits the MLS. Email us for more information.

Real Estate Agent Web Sites:

In our Learning Issue this Month we Discuss:
  1. Where should you really invest your real estate personal marketing dollars to gain maximum advantage...
  2. How to create a web site that is a consistent lead-generator...
  3. Why you should avoid using the franchise branded company-run web sites,
    they just make you look like all the other agents out there

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